Laser Barn "Big Stuff Challenge"
Who will be the next team to conquer our challenge?

We have the right to modify rules if deemed necessary.
  • Always call ahead to be sure pizza challenge can be accommodated.
  • Challengers must be 18 years or older or be with a parent.
  • Three (3) people must eat the entire 52"single topping pizza, including the crust, in 52 minutes or less.  *Extra cheese or extra sauce do not count as toppings.
  • If the pizza exits your body at any time, you are disqualified.
  • Contestants must keep the pizza down for ten (10) minutes after the contest to be eligible to win.
  • Challengers must remain in the dining area for the entire challenge - no bathroom breaks!
  • If you feel the need to heave/vomit/upchuck or hurl, you must exit the building and do your business in the dumpster outside the building. If you fail to use the designated dumpster, you will be charged a $50 clean-up fee (per incident).
  • If the challenge is completed within the allotted time, a $50 in-store credit will be awarded to the three member team. *Some restrictions may apply.
  • If the challenge is completed in the allotted time, there is NO CHARGE for the pizza.
  • The challengers are required to pay for the pizza should the challenge not be completed in full.
  • Challengers may lose as many times as they wish but can only win challenge ONCE every six months.

By entering, contestants absolve Laser Barn Laser Tag, its owners, employees, associates, and affiliates from any liability for any illness suffered as a result of this pizza eating contest.

Participants also represent that they are in good health and have no knowledge of any valid medical reasons why they should not enter this contest.

By entering, contestants agree that Laser Barn Laser Tag may use their names, image, and likeness in any promotional materials, including usage on the website.